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Useful Korean Phrases and Expressions: In Store

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Useful Korean Phrases and Expressions In StoreWe have learned Korean Basic Conversation and now let’s learn some useful Korean phrases and expressions: In Store. We speak and talk everyday, so it is important for us to memories some normal and easy phrases or expression in order to communicate while you are learning Korean. Hence, the summarize of some Korean formula and expressions may help to improve your Korean language skills. You should try to memories the sentences and use them in your speech and writing as often as you can.

In this way you will help yourself to improve your Korean quickly. Hope you will like it. Have a nice day. Related learn Korean language lessons: Korean Demonstrative Adjectives, Korean Currency, Korean Requests, Suggestions, or Commands, Korean Adjectives, Korean Numbers. For shopping Korean language reading practices: How much is this Bag? and How much are these apples? (Related post: On The Street)

Useful Korean Phrases and Expressions

In StoreKorean Vocabulary – Things

English Korean Pronunciation
Do you have…? …있나요? …innayo?
– shirts 셔츠 [ syeo-cheu ]
– pants 바지 [ ba-ji ]
– caps 모자 [ mo-ja ]
– shoes 신발 [ sin-bal ]
Do you have this in…? 이거…로 있나요? Igeo…ro innayo?
– red 빨간색으로 [ bbal-gan-sae-geu-ro ]
– large 큰걸로 [ keun-geol-lo ]
– small 작은걸로 [ ja-geun-geol-lo ]
I’m looking for… 전…를 원해요. Jeon…reul wonhaeyo.
– something particular 뭔가 특별한 것 [ mwon-ga-teuk-byeol-han-geot ]
– something large 뭔가 큰 것 [ mwon-ga-keun-geot ]
– something small 뭔가 작은 것 [ mwon-ga-ja-geun-geot ]
– something cheaper 더 싼 것 [ deo-ssan-geot ]
Where can I find…? …는 어디 있나요? …neun eodi innayo?
– apples 사과 [ sa-gwa ]
– tomatoes 토마토 [ to-ma-to ]
– tuna fish 참치 [ cham-chi ]
– beer 맥주 [ maek-ju ]
How much is this? 이거 얼마예요? Igeo eolmayeyo?
I will pay with a credit card 신용카드로 지불하겠습니다. Sinyongkadeuro jibulhagetsseumnida.
– one-time payment 일시불 [ il-si-bul ]
– pay over three months 3 개월 할부 [ sam-gae-wol-hal-bu ]
Could you give a discount? 좀 깎아주세요. Jom ggaggajuseyo.
Please give me a receipt. 영수증을 주세요. Yeongsujeungeul juseyo.
Please, put it in the envelope. 봉투에 담아 주세요. Bongtue dama juseyo.
Could gift wrap it please? 선물 포장해 주세요. Seonmul pojanghae juseyo.
Give me a refund. 환불해 주세요. Hwanbulhae juseyo.
I’d like to exchange this. 교환해 주세요. Gyohwanhae juseyo.
Give… …주세요. …juseyo.
– 1 geun/ 2 geun (Korean measurement – 1 geun = 600 grams) 1 근/ 2 근 [ han-geun/ du-geun ]
– 100 grams/ 200 grams 100 그람/ 200 그람 [ baek-geu-ram/ i-baek-geu-ram ]
– five thousand won worth 오천원어치 [ o-cheon-won-eo-chi ]

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