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The Coolest Korean Slang Of All-time

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Korean Slang
Jeong-hyeon Bak: “Hi guys~ I wanna let you know Korean Slang. If you use this in Korea, you will be famous and easy to make friends! lol”

The Coolest Korean Slang Of All-time

1. 됐거든. [ dwaett-geo-deun ]
Words mean : Stop it.
Slang mean : Please don’t say anything more. (Used to show that you are tired of hearing someone’s excuses.)

2. 낚였어. [ na-ggyeo-sseo ]
Words mean : I fish up something.
Slang mean : You got me. You had me going there.

3. 낚았지? [ na-ggat-ji ]
Words mean : You fish up something?
Slang mean : I got you, didn’t I? I had you going, didn’t I?

4. 당근이지. [ dang-geun-i-ji ]
Words mean : It is carrot.
Slang mean : You bet./ Absolutely.

5. 썰렁하군. [ sseol-leong-ha-gun ]
Words mean : It’s cold/empty.
Slang mean : That’s a lame joke.

6. 어제 필름이 끊겼어. [ eo-je-pil-leum-i-ggeun-gyeo-sseo ]
Words mean : I cut film in my head.
Slang mean : I blacked out (from drinking) last night.

7. 니 똥 굵다. [ ni-ddong-gul-da ]
Words mean : You are shit is biggest in the world.
Slang mean : Okay, You are the boss!

8. 거기 물 좋다. [ geo-gi-mul-jo-ta ]
Words mean : Pure water.
Slang mean : That place rocks! That place kicks!

9. 배째. [ bae-jjae ]
Words mean : Cut my stomach.
Slang mean : Sue me!

10. 넌 밥이야. [ neon-bab-i-ya ]
Words mean : You’re my meal.
Slang mean : You’re mine now! I’ve got you just where I want you.

11. 넌 너무 짜. [ neon-neo-mu-jja ]
Words mean : You’re too salty.
Slang mean : You’re so cheap. How can you not buy lunch even once?

12. 뚜껑 열리네. [ ddu-ggeong -yeol-li-ne ]
Words mean : open a lid
Slang mean : My head is about to split.

13. 튕기네. [ twing-gi-ne ]
Words mean : Something is bounced.
Slang mean : You are playing hard to get.

14. 넌 코가 높다. [ neon-ko-ga-nop-da ]
Words mean : You have a prominent/long nose.
Slang mean : You are snobby.

15. 찔리냐? [ Jjil-li-nya ]
Words mean : You feel picked by something.
Slang mean : Do you feel guilty about something?

16. 화장 떴어! [ hwa-jang-ddeo-sseo ]
Words mean : Your makeup is flied!
Slang mean : Your makeup doesn’t look good!

Written by Guest Writer – Jeong-hyeon Bak

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