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Useful Korean Phrases and Expressions: At the Restaurant

We have learned Korean Basic Conversation and now let’s learn some useful Korean phrases and expressions: At the Restaurant. We speak and talk everyday, so it is important for us to memories some normal and easy phrases or expression in order to communicate while you are learning Korean. Hence, the summarize of some Korean formula and expressions may help to improve your Korean language skills. You should try to memories the sentences and use them in your speech and writing as often as you can…

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When eating with a Korean, how do you decide who pays?

If you have ever been out to eat with a Korean, you know that Koreans are not accustomed to splitting the bill after a meal. Today, Emagasia will teach you another Korean culture. If you want to know how Koreans celebrate their birthday, you may go to Korean birthday party.
When eating with a Korean, how do you decide who pays?
Koreans look upon the practice of each paying separately for one’s share as burdensome. Koreans know if they pay the bill this time, the other person will get it next time. …

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The Coolest Korean Slang Of All-time

Jeong-hyeon Bak: “Hi guys~ I wanna let you know Korean Slang. If you use this in Korea, you will be famous and easy to make friends! lol”

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Korean Soju Is Favorite Drink for Drowning Sorrows

Koreans drink different kinds of alcohol according to how they feel at the moment, a survey suggests. In the survey by the Korea Alcohol Research Center late last year of 2,200 people aged 19 to 59, some 85.2 percent of respondents said they drink Soju when they are distressed by personal problems, and 63.5 percent said they prefer beer when they are tired. Whiskey was the preferred drink for business occasions among 63.5 percent of respondents, and 70.8 percent chose wine as the best drink for creating a friendly or romantic mood…

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Korean Vocabulary – Means of Transportation

We have learned Korean Vocabulary – Food and Drinks. Let’s learn Korean vocabulary for transportation. Learning this will make your future experiences (perhaps in Korea) more enjoyable! Such as when someone ask you 뭐로가요? [ mwo-ro-ga-yo ] means “Go by what?” (Korean Question Word – What). You may use the list below to answer this question. Here is just a partial list of Korean vocabulary for transportation. For those not here, consult with a Korean speaker and/or an English-Korean dictionary…