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Korean Language: When do i need to use formal language?

When do i need to use formal language? One of the most difficult things when learning Korean is understanding what degree of formality is appropriate for each occasion. Because Korean culture is based on hierarchical relationships between people, some understanding of this part of Korean culture is essential to learning to speak the language as well. The format of formal language will be learn in Emagasia through our Learn Korean Lessons.
When do i need to use formal language?
So when do you use formal language? If you were to get …

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Travel to Korea: Where to go in Seoul over the weekend?

Where to go in Seoul over the weekend? We have already seen What is there to see in Seoul? previously, you may want to know What are good places to visit in Korea? and Korean Traditional Markets too. However, Where in Seoul would be a nice place for meeting friends? Seoul is a place in South Korea, a modern city rich with the historic treasures of 600-year-history. It is a city where past and present coexist in a fascinating way.
Modern city life
Head to Jongno, if you are a movie-goer. There …

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Korean Age Counting System

Korean Age Counting System is much complicated and different from Western countries. It makes Korean culture more unique from Westerners. Age is very important to Koreans, because Korean use family titles to refer to non-family, so age partially determines status and shapes the way one interacts with others. Have you been to a Korean birthday party before?
Korean Age Counting System
In Korea, age is counted differently than everywhere else. When a baby is born, Koreans count him as one year old, Koreans consider the gestation period as the first year. This …

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Korean people can’t live without a mobile phone

Korean people can’t live without a mobile phone? In Korea, you may have seen many people talking on their mobile phones at coffee shops, in the subway or on the streets. Mobile phones are so widely used in Korea that one out of two Koreans has one. Many people would never dream of giving up their mobiles and would rather do without home phones. Thus, the mobile phone is indispensable to most Koreans today…

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Korean Cuisine: Kimchi Recipe

Today, we have we Kimchi recipe in Emagasia, in order to teach you how to make Kimchi, the delicious yet high in nutrition Korean cuisine. The instruction is very simple, easy and understandable. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go and prepare the ingredients and start make this delicious, high in nutrition Korean food Kimchi.
Kimchi Recipe
Kimchi Recipe Ingredients

Please prepare the Kimchi Recipe ingredients as follows. More of the dried red chili pepper flakes if you like things spicy, less if you don’t.

Napa Cabbage – approximately one pound
1 Carrot
4 cups of …