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Learn Korean Language Lesson 8 – Korean Question Word – What Kind Of

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Learn Korean Lesson 8 - Korean Question Word - What Kind OfContinue from Learn Korean Language Lesson 7 – Korean Question Word – Which, today we will learn the third Korean Question Word – what kind of – 무슨 [ mu-seun ]. Use it like English question word- what kind of to form Korean interrogative sentence (question) such as what kind of sports, what kind of foods, what kind of season etc, etc. Korean question word 무슨 (what kind of) same as 어느 but doesn’t same as 뭐. 무슨 followed by a noun and goes at the beginning of the sentences and doesn’t used together with 예요.

Korean Question Word – What Kind Of

무슨 allows you to ask about details or characteristic about something. 무슨 can be used with nouns such as 운동 (sports), 영화 (movies), 요일 (name of the week or day), 음식 (food), 계절 (season) to form questions like stated above.

  • 무슨 영화예요? [ mu-seun-yeong-hwa-ye-yo ] – What kind of movie?
  • 무슨 운동이에요? [ mu-seun-un-dong-i-e-yo ] – What kind of sport?
  • 무슨 요일이에요? [ mu-seun-yo-il-i-e-yo ] – What kind of day of the week?
  • 무슨 음식이에요? [ mu-seun-eum-sik-i-e-yo ] – What kind of food?
  • 무슨 계절이에요? [ mu-seun-kye-jeol-i-e-yo ] – What kind of season?

무슨 can also be use with 날 [ nal ] to ask about occasions (time). We will learn 날 in the future. Below are some examples of Korean Question Word – 무슨 – what kind of?

  • 무슨 책을 읽어요? [ mu-seun-chae-geul-il-geo-yo ] – What kind of book are you reading?
  • 무슨 음악을 좋아해요? [ mu-seun-eum-ak-eul-joh-a-hae-yo ] – What kind of music do you like?
  • 무슨 차를 마셔요? [ mu-seun-cha-reul-ma-syeo-yo ] – What kind of tea are you drinking?
  • 오늘은 무슨 요일이에요? [ o-neul-eun-mu-seun-yo-il-i-e-yo ] – What(kind of) day is it today?
  • 매년 2월 14일이 무슨 날이에요? [ mae-nyeon-i-wol-sip-sa-il-i-mu-seun-nal-i-e-yo ] – What (kind of) day is February 14th every year?

책 – book, 읽어요 – read, 음악 – music, 좋아해요 – like, 차 – tea, 마셔요 – drink, 오늘 – today,  and 매년 – every year. There are many more Korean interrogative sentence can be formed by 무슨, but for now, we learn the easiest first, we will go into more depth as we move on. Practice your Korean reading skills in Korean Reading Practice 4 – What kind of work do you do? Then, continue to Learn Korean Language Lesson 9 – Korean Question Word – Who/Whose.

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