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Learn Korean Language Lesson 32 – Korean Question Word – How

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Learn Korean Language Lesson 32 - Korean Question Word - HowContinue from Lesson 31 – Korean Conjunction – And. Today we come to learn Korean question word – how. In this learn Korean language lesson, we will learn question word – how – 어때요 [ eo-ddae-yo ]. It has the same meaning as English question word – how. However, in Korean, it is use to give a suggestion. So, even though we use it like English word – how, but we use it to suggest, propose or offer something in a friendly manner such as how is something or how is someone? Let’s start!

Korean Question Word – How

When proposing or offering something in a friendly manner, you can use 어때요? It is commonly used to ask for the listener’s thought about the speaker’s proposal. You can simply add 어때요? to the end of the noun. The intonation rises up in the end of the sentence. Like in Comparison of Korean and English and How are English words pronounced in Korean? Together with Korean Subject Marker 이 or 가, The formula “…이/가 어때요?” means “how is something/someone?” Korean Topic Marker 은 or 는 can be use with question word – how – 어때요 too. However, it is use when one wants to stress a new topic.

You may need to refer back both learn Korean language Lesson 4 for Korean topic marker and Lesson 11 for Korean subject marker and understand the difference between both of them. Basically, they are most commonly used noun particles are those used to mark the subject of the sentence and those used to mark the topic of a sentence. Use topic marker 은/는 after the noun and then ask 어때요? The formula “(noun)은/는 어때요?”  means “How about (noun)?”

“…가 어때요?” is used with nouns ending in a vowel and “…이 어때요?” is used with nouns that end in a consonant.

“…는 어때요?” is used with nouns ending in a vowel and “…은 어때요?” is used with nouns that end in a consonant.

Read examples below:

  • 한국어 공부가 어때요? [ han-gu-geo-gong-bu-ga-eo-ddae-yo ] – How do you like studying Korean?
  • 동대문 시장이 어때요? [ dong-dae-mun-si-jang-i-eo-ddae-yo ] – How is Dongdaemun market?
  • 오늘 날씨가 어때요? [ o-neul-nal-ssi-ga-eo-ddae-yo ] – How is the weather today?
  • 김치가 어때요? [ kim-chi-ga-eo-ddae-yo ] – How do you like Kimchi?
  • 토요일은 어때요? [ to-yo-il-eun-eo-ddae-yo ] – How about Saturday.

Be careful!

When connecting this word to Korean verbs which refer to an action (view also Korean adjectives), add “…는 게 어때요?” to the end of the verb stem.

  • 커피가 어때요? [ keo-pi-ga-eo-ddae-yo ] – how about coffee?
  • 내일 집에서 쉬는 게 어때요? [ nae-il-ji-be-seo-swi-neun-ge-eo-ddae-yo ] – How about resting at home tomorrow?

Learn Korean Language Flashback

Do you remember that we have learned Korean Place Marker in learn Korean language lesson 15? We use the particle -에서 together with Korean verb 오다 to ask someone about their nationality. “에서 오다” means “from”. Use that formula with Korean Question Word – Where 어디 to ask “Where are you from?”, you can say “어디에서 왔어요?” [ eo-di-e-seo-wa-sseo-yo ]. When answering a question, the question and answer can be almost the same by replacing the 어디 to Countries.

  • 빌리는 캐나다에서 왔어요. [ bil-li-neun-kae-na-da-e-seo-wa-sseo-yo ] – Billy is from Canada.
  • 친구가 미국에서 와요. [ chin-gu-ga-mi-guk-e-seo-wa-yo ] – A friend of mine is coming from America.
  • 저는 일본에서 왔어요. [ jeo-neun-il-bon-e-seo-wa-sseo-yo ] – I’m from Japan.

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