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Learn Korean Language Lesson 30 – Korean Question Word – What

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Learn Korean Lesson 30 - Korean Question Word - WhatContinue from Learn Korean Language Lesson 29 – Korean Time. Today we come to Learn Korean Lesson 30 – Korean Question Word – What. In this Learn Korean Language Lesson, we will learn Korean Question Word – What – 몇 [ myeot ]. This Korean Question Word – What is different from what we have learned in Learn Korean Language Lesson 6 – Korean Question Word – What – 뭐 [ mwo ] even though both of them are used to form Korean interrogative sentence (question).

Korean Question Word – What

뭐 is use to ask questions such as what is this? what is that? what is your name? etc, etc. 무엇 [ mu-eot ] is same as 뭐 but used in formal writing. 무엇 can be used with 이에요/입니까 to form questions (formal). Let’s Learn Korean question word – what – 몇 today and use it in your conversation. First of all 몇 can be used with 시 when asking the time. When you want to ask what time something occurs, use the question word 몇 시 with the Korean Time Marker – 에.

  • 몇 시예요? [ myeot-si-ye-yo ] – What time is it?
  • 지금 몇 시예요? [ ji-geum-myeot0si0ye-yo ] – What time is it now?
  • 몇 시에 집에 가요? [ myeot-si-e-ji-be-ga-yo ] – What time do you go home?
  • 몇 시에 학교에 가요? [ myeot-si-e-hak-gyo-e-ga-yo ] – What time do you go to school?
  • 몇 시에 영화를 봐요? [ myeot-si-e-yeong-hwa-reul-bwa-yo ] – What time do you watch movie?
  • 몇 시에 밥을 먹었어요? [ myeot-si-e-ba-beul-meo-geo-sseo-yo ] – What time did you eat (your meal)?

몇 can be used with Korean Counting Units when asking the number of things. Always used the appropriate counting units after 몇 and before the Korean Verbs. Use it with Korean Sentence Endings Expressing Location or Existence to expresses location or existence.

  • 가족이 모두 몇 명 있어요? [ ga-jo-gi-mo-du-myeot-myeong-i-sseo-yo ] – How many people are in your family? (view Korean Vocabulary – Family Terms)
  • 책이 몇 권 있어요? [ chae-gi-myeot-gwon-i-sseo-yo ] – How many books do you have?
  • 표가 몇 장 있어요? [ pyo-ga-myeot-jang-i-sseo-yo ] – How many tickets do you have?
  • 커피가 몇 잔 있어요? [ keo-pi-ga-myeot-jan-i-sseo-yo ] – How many coffee do you have?
  • 사과가 몇 개 있어요? [ sa-gwa-ga-myeot-gae-i-sseeo-yo ] – How many apples do you have?
  • 컴퓨터가 몇 대 있어요? [ keom-pyu-teo-ga-myeot-dae-i-sseo-yo ] – How many computer do you have?

In Korean, 몇 can also be used with 번 [ beon ] to ask for a number (not a quantity, but a number). Use it like asking “What number” in English to  ask about telephone number, ticket number, parking space number, or driver’s license number etc, etc. 몇 번 can also be used when asking the about frequency. Use it like asking “How many times” in English. Continue to Learn Korean Lesson 31.

  • 집 전화번호가 몇 번이에요? [ jip-jeon-hwa-beon-ho-ga-myeot-beon-i-e-yo ] – What is your home phone number?
  • 병원 전화번호가 몇 번이에요? [ byeong-won-jeon-hwa-beon-ho-ga-myeot-beon-i-e-yo ] – What is hospital phone number?
  • 아론 씨 전화번호가 몇 번이에요? [ a-ron-ssi-jeon-hwa-beon-ho-ga-myeot-beon-i-e-yo ] – What is Aaron’s number?
  • 마크 씨 회사 전화번호가 몇 번이에요? [ ma-keu-sssi-hoe-sa-jeon-hwa-beon-ho-ga-myeot-beon-i-e-yo ] – What is Mark’s office phone number?
  • 안나 씨 핸드폰 번호가 몇 번이에요? [ an-na-ssi-haen-deu-pon-beon-ho-ga-myeot-beon-i-e-yo ] – What is Anna’s handphone number?
  • 일 년에 몇 번 여행 가요? [ il-nyeon-e-myeot-beon-yeo-haeng-ga-yo ] – How many times a year do you travel?

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