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Learn Korean Language Lesson 3 – Korean Sentence Ending Form

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Learn Korean Lesson 3 - Korean Sentence Ending FormWe knew that there are two ways when you start a conversation in Learn Korean Language Lesson 2 – Korean Basic Conversation, whether formally or informally and the difference between both of them is the Korean Sentence Ending Form, the only difficulty in learning Korean is the question that always appears in your mind that when do i need to use formal language?

However, first step you must learn is that what’s the differences between formal and informal Korean language. If you don’t understand this lesson, don’t worry, learn Korean lessons in here will start from using the informal polite form because it is easier to understand and as we proceed, we will learn more into Korean formal polite form. So, let’s learn the Korean Sentence Ending Form and understand the differences between Formal Polite Form and Informal Polite Form in the table below.

Korean Sentence Ending Form

Declarative (for statement)

Formal Polite Informal Polite
Verb stem + -ㅂ니다/-습니다 Verb stem + -아요/어요/해요
가다 = 갑니다, 먹다 = 먹습니다 가다 = 가요, 먹다 = 먹어요
감사합니다. 반갑습니다. 고마워요. 반가워요.

Interrogative (for question)

Formal Polite Informal Polite
-ㅂ니까?/-습니까? -아요/어요/해요?
가다 = 갑니까? 먹다 = 먹습니까? 가다 = 가요? 막다 = 먹어요?
*-십니까?/으십니까? *-세요?/-으세요?
가다 = 가십니까? 앉다 = 앉으십니까? 가다 = 가세요? 앉다 = 앉으세요?
안녕하십니까? 안녕하세요?

Imperative (for command)

Formal polite Informal Polite
-ㅂ시오/으시오 -아요/어요/해요
*-십시오/-으십시오 *-세요/-으세요
가다 = 가십시오, 입다 = 입으십시오 가다 = 가세요. 오다 = 오세요.
안녕히 가십시오. 어서 오십시오. 안녕히가세요. 어서오세요.

Propositive (for proposal)

Formal polite Informal Polite
-ㅂ시다/읍시다 -아요/어요/해요
가다 = 갑시다, 먹다 = 먹읍시다 가다 = 가요, 먹다 = 먹어요
어서 갑시다. 빨리 먹읍시다. 잘 가요. 또 와요. 어서 먹어요.

* with honorific –시-
가다 = 가 + 시 +ㅂ니까? = 가십니까?
일하 + 시 + 어요? = 일하세요?

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