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Learn Korean Language Lesson 17 – Korean Question Word – Where

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Learn Korean Lesson 17 - Korean Question Word - WhereContinue from Learn Korean Language Lesson 16 – Korean Sentence Endings Expressing Location or Existence,today we come to Learn Korean Lesson 17 – Korean Question Word – Where – 어디 [ eo-di ]. It has the same usage as English question word – where. 어디 is use to form Korean interrogative sentence (question). Use it like English word – where to ask questions such as where is it? where is the teacher? where is the toilet? etc, etc. Usually 어디 is use together with Korean Place Marker to ask question.

Korean Question Word – Where

Let’s Learn Korean question word 어디 today and use it in your conversation. Korean question word 어디 is use with Korean Place marker – 에 and Korean Sentence Endings Expressing Location or Existence – 있어요 to ask where something or someone is located.

  • 선생님이 어디에 있어요? [ seon-saeng-nim-i-eo-di-e-i-sseo-yo ] – Where is the teacher?
  • 시계가 어디에 있어요? [ si-kye-ga-eo-di-e-i-sseo-yo ] – Where is the watch?
  • 화장실이 어디에 있어요? [ hwa-jang-si-ri-eo-di-e-i-sseo-yo ] – Where is the toilet?
  • 집이 어디에 있어요? [ ji-bi-eo-di-e-i-sseo-yo ] – Where is your house?
  • 책이 어디에 있어요? [ chae-gi-eo-di-e-i-sseo-yo ] – Where is the book?

When you are trying to find a more exact location, try to add the area you’re asking in front of the phrase 어디에 있어요? 어디 will goes at the middle of the Korean sentence.

  • 부산 어디에 있어요? [ bu-san-eo-di-e-i-sseo-yo ] – Where in Busan?
  • 서울 어디에 있어요? [ seo-ul-eo-di-e-i-sseo-yo ] – Where in Seoul?
  • 신촌 어디에 있어요? [ sin-chon-eo-di-e-i-sseo-yo ] – Where in Sinchon?
  • 인천 어디에 있어요? [ in-cheon-eo-di-e-i-sseo-yo ] – Where in Incheon?
  • 상곡동 어디에 있어요? [ sang-gok-dong-eo-di-e-i-sseo-yo ] – Where in Sanggokdong?

Korean question word 어디 is use with Korean Place marker – 에서 when there are action Korean Verbs involve (에서 is a particle that indicates where the action conveyed by the verb phrase takes place. This Korean place marker is used with action verbs, with the exception of 있어요/없어요 and 가요/와요, which take the Korean place marker 에). We have learned this in the previous lesson.

  • 어디에서  일해요? [ eo-di-e-seo-il-hae-yo ] – Where do you work?
  • 어디에서 책을 읽어요? [ eo-di-e-seo-chae-geul-il-geo-yo ] – Where do you read the book?
  • 어디에서 밥을 먹어요? [ eo-di-e-seo-ba-beul-meo-geo-yo ] – Where do you eat (your meals)?
  • 어디에서 한국어를 공부해요? [ eo-di-e-seo-han-gu-geo-reul-gong-bu-hae-yo ] – Where do you study Korean?
  • 어디에서 친구를 만나요? [ eo-di-e-seo-chin-gu-reul-man-na-yo ] – Where do you meet your friends?

Now, try to ask your friends 어디에 가요? [ eo-di-e-ga-yo ] – Where are you going? Continue to Learn Korean Language Lesson 18 – Korean Adverbs of Place – Here/There.

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