Korean Vocabulary – Time

Korean Vocabulary - TimeLast time we have learned Korean Vocabulary – Animals, today we will learn Korean Vocabulary for time. We have learned Korean Days of The Week, Korean Time in Learn Korean Lesson 29 (how to read and tell time) and use Korean Question Word – What to ask about time. But do you know how to talk about last month, this month, next month? or maybe yesterday, today and tomorrow? Here is a partial list of Korean vocabulary for time. For those not here, consult with a Korean speaker and/or an English-Korean dictionary.

It is very important for you to know and memories the Korean vocabulary. Without knowing the Korean vocabulary, it’s very hard for you to form a Korean sentence. Please try to memories as much as you can. It may helps you in learning Korean Language. For more Korean vocabulary, you may go to Korean.

Korean Vocabulary – Time

Time – 시간 [ si-gan ]

English Korean Pronunciation
Calendar 달력 [ dal-lyeok ]
Solar calendar 양력 [ yang-nyeok ]
Lunar calendar 음력 [ eum-nyeok ]
Last year 작년 [ jang-nyeon ]
This year 올해 [ o-rae ]
Next year 내년 [ nae-nyeon ]
Last month 지난 달 [ ji-nan-dal ]
This month 이번 달 [ i-beon-dal ]
Next month 다음 달 [ da-eum-dal ]
Last week 지난 주 [ ji-nan-ju ]
This week 이번 주 [ i-beon-ju ]
Next week 다음 주 [ da-eum-ju ]
Yesterday 어제 [ eo-je ]
Today 오늘 [ o-neul ]
Tomorrow 내일 [ nae-il ]

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