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Korean Vocabulary – Things

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Korean Vocabulary - ThingsWe have learned Korean vocabulary for Occupations. Today we will learn the Korean Vocabulary for things, such as watch, money, key etc etc in Korean. If you don’t know what is the name of something, you can request the name of it by asking 이게 뭐예요? ( What is this? ), you may go Learn Korean Lesson 10 for the Korean Dialogue. Please try to memories all the name of the things as much as possible. It helps you in learning Korean Language.

It is very important for you to know and memories the Korean vocabulary. Without knowing the Korean vocabulary, it’s very hard for you to form a Korean sentence. Please try to memories as much as you can. It may helps you in learning Korean Language.

Korean Vocabulary – Things

Things – 것 [ geot ]

English Korean Pronunciation
Bag 가방 [ ga-bang ]
Ball [ gong ]
Ballpoint pen 볼펜 [ bol-pen ]
Bed 침대 [ chim-dae ]
Books [ chaek ]
Cellphone 핸드폰 [ haen-deu-pon ]
Chair 의자 [ ui-ja ]
Clothes [ ot ]
Comb [ bit ]
Computer 컴퓨터 [ keom-pyu-teo ]
Desk 책상 [ chaek-sang ]
Driver’s license 운전면허증 [ un-jeon-myeon-heo-jeung ]
Eraser 지우개 [ ji-u-gae ]
Foreigner’s registration card 외국인등록증 [ woe-guk-in-deung-rok-jeung ]
Glasses 안경 [ an-gyeong ]
Hat 모자 [ mo-ja ]
Key 열쉬 [ yeol-swi ]
Mirror 거울 [ geo-ul ]
Money [ don ]
Notebook 공책 [ gong-chaek ]
Overcoat 코트 [ ko-teu ]
Passport 여권 [ yeo-gwon ]
Pencil 연필 [ yeon-pil ]
Photo 사진 [ sa-jin ]
Shirt 셔츠 [ syeo-cheu ]
Shoes 구두 [ gu-du ]
Tissue 휴지 [ hyu-ji ]
Toothbrush 칫솔 [ chit-sol ]
Toothpaste 치약 [ chi-yak ]
Umbrella 우산 [ u-san ]
Watch 시계 [ si-kye ]

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