Korean Vocabulary – Occupations

Korean Vocabulary - OccupationsLast time we learn Korean vocabulary for countries, today we will learn the Korean vocabulary for occupations, there are various of occupations in this world. However, you must first know what’s your occupation in Korean words in order to introduce yourself to Korean people, just like your Korean names or when Korean people introduce themselves to you, you would be able to understand. Please make sure you memories as much as  you can for each of the occupation.

Find out what’s you occupation in the list below.

Korean Vocabulary – Occupations

Occupations – 직업 [ ji-geob ]

English Korean Pronunciation
Accountant 회계사 [ hoe-kye-sa ]
Actor/Actress 배우 [ bae-u ]
Athlete 운동선수 [ un-dong-seon-su ]
Bank Clerk 은행원 [ eun-haeng-won ]
Businessman 사업가 [ sa-eop-ga ]
Chef 요리사 [ yo-ri-sa ]
Company Employee 회사원 [ hoe-sa-won ]
Doctor 의사 [ ui-sa ]
Fire Fighter 소방관 [ so-bang-gwan ]
Hairdresser 미용사 [ mi-yong-sa ]
Housewife 주부 [ ju-bu ]
Interpreter 통역사 [ tong-yeok-sa ]
Lawyer 변호사 [ byeon-ho-sa ]
Mail Carrier 우체부 [ u-che-bu ]
Military personnel 군인 [ gun-in ]
Model 모델 [ mo-del ]
Monk 승려 [ seung-ryeo ]
Nun 수녀 [ su-nyeo ]
Nurse 간호사 [ gan-ho-sa ]
Pastor 목사 [ mok-sa ]
Police 경찰 [ gyeong-chal ]
Professor 교수 [ kyo-su ]
Priest 신부 [ sin-bu ]
Researcher 연구원 [ yeon-gu-won ]
Reporter 기자 [ gi-ja ]
Scientist 과학자 [ gwa-hak-ja ]
Singer 가수 [ ga-su ]
Student 학생 [ hak-saeng ]
Taxi Driver 택시기사 [ taek-si-gi-sa ]
Teacher 선생님 [ seon-saeng-nim ]
Technician 기술자 [ gi-sul-ja ]
Translator 번역가 [ beon-yeok-ga ]

In Korea, the 님 in 선생님 is an honorific. 님 is attached to many jobs and titles to indicate respect. In particular, in the workplace where rank and status are clear, a subordinate will call a superior not by his/her name but rather by a title such as 사장님 (사장 the president of a company + 님 honorific). But you would not add the honorific 님 when referring to your own title/job.

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