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Korean Vocabulary – Means of Transportation

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Korean Vocabulary - Means of TransportationWe have learned Korean Vocabulary – Food and Drinks. Let’s learn Korean vocabulary for transportation. Learning this will make your future experiences (perhaps in Korea) more enjoyable! Such as  when someone ask you 뭐로가요? [ mwo-ro-ga-yo ] means “Go by what?” (Korean Question Word – What). You may use the list below to answer this question. Here is just a partial list of Korean vocabulary for transportation. For those not here, consult with a Korean speaker and/or an English-Korean dictionary.

It is very important for you to know and memories it. Without knowing the Korean vocabulary, it’s very hard for you to form a Korean sentence. Please try to memories as much as you can. It may helps you in learning Korean Language.

Korean Vocabulary – Means of Transportation

Means of Transportation – 교통 기관 [ gyo-tong-gi-gwan ]

English Korean Pronunciation
Airliner 정기여객기 [ jeong-gi-yeo-gaek-gi ]
Airplane 비행기 [ bi-haeng-gi ]
Airship 비행선 [ bi-haeng-seon ]
Bicycle 자전거 [ ja-jeon-geo ]
Bus 버스 [ beo-seu ]
Canoe 카누 [ ka-nu ]
Car 자동차 [ ja-dong-cha ]
Dog Sled 개 썰매 [ gae-sseol-mae ]
Estate Car/Station Wagon 스테이션 왜건 [ seu-te-i-syeon-wae-geon ]
Express Bus 고속버스 [ go-sok-beo-seu ]
Ferry 나룻배 [ na-rut-bae ]
Glider 글라이더/활공기 [ geul-la-i-deo/hwal-gong-gi ]
Helicopter 헬리기 [ hel-li-gi ]
Hovercraft 호버크래프트 [ ho-beo-keu-rae-peu-teu ]
Jeep 지프차 [ ji-peu-cha ]
Jet Liner 제트 여객기 [ je-teu-yeo-gaek-gi ]
Jet Plane 제트기 [ je-teu-gi ]
Jet Ski 제트스키 [ je-teu-seu-ki ]
Limousine 리모진 [ ri-mo-jin ]
Motor Boat 모터보트 [ mo-teo-bo-teu ]
Motor Scooter 모터 스쿠터 [ mo-teo-seu-ku-teo ]
Ocean Liner 원양 정기선 [ won-yang-jeong-gi-seon ]
On foot 걸어서 [ geol-eo-seo ]
Passenger Car 승객 자동차 [ seung-gaek-ja-dong-cha ]
Passenger Plane 여객기 [ yeo-gaek-gi ]
Row Boat 노젓는 배 [ no-jeot-neun-bae ]
Sailboat 돛단배 [ dot-dan-bae ]
Scooter 스쿠터 [ seu-ku-teo ]
Ship, boat [ bae ]
Sleigh 썰매 [ sseol-mae ]
Snowmobile 설상차 [ seol-sang-cha ]
Street Car 전차 [ jeon-cha ]
Subway 지하철 [ ji-ha-cheol ]
Taxi 택시 [ taek-si ]
Train 기차 [ gi-cha ]
Truck 픽업 [ pik-eop ]
Van 봉고차 [ bong-go-cha ]

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