Korean Vocabulary – Home Electronic Appliances

Korean Vocabulary - Home Electronic AppliancesLast time we have learned Korean Vocabulary for Academic Majors, today we will learn Korean Vocabulary for Home Electronic Appliances. We have seen this before in Korean Language Reading Practice 9 – There is no bed in my room and other Learn Korean lessons. Here is a partial list of Korean vocabulary for Home Electronic Appliances. For those not here, consult with a Korean speaker and/or an English-Korean dictionary.

It is very important for you to know and memories the Korean vocabulary. Without knowing the Korean vocabulary, it’s very hard for you to form a Korean sentence. Please try to memories as much as you can. It may helps you in learning Korean Language. For more Korean vocabulary, you may go to Korean.

Korean Vocabulary – Home Electronic Appliances

Home Electronic Appliances – 가전용품 [ ga-jeon-yong-pum ]

English Korean Pronunciation
Air conditioner 에어컨 [ e-eo-keon ]
Audio player 오디오 [ o-di-o ]
Computer 컴퓨터 [ keom-pyu-teo ]
Facsimile telegraph 팩스 [ paek-seu ]
Fan 선풍기 [ seon-pung-gi ]
Iron 다리미 [ da-ri-mi ]
Laptop 노트북 [ no-teu-buk ]
Microwave 전자레인지 [ jeon-ja-re-in-ji ]
Phone 전화(기) [ jeon-hwa(gi) ]
Refrigerator 냉장고 [ naeng-jang-go ]
Television 텔레비전 [ tel-re-bi-jeon ]
Vacuum cleaner 청소기 [ cheong-so-gi ]
Video player 비디오 [ bi-di-o ]
Washing machine 세탁기 [ se-tak-gi ]

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