Korean Vocabulary – Family Terms

Korean Vocabulary - Family TermsLast time we have learned Korean Vocabulary for places, today we will learned Korean Vocabulary – Family Terms, do you know why do Korean use family titles to refer to non-family? In Korean, you must never call someone older than yourself by his or her name. Rather, you must call him or her by an appropriate familial title, such as 할아버지 or 할머니. Let’s see the Korean family terms. For more Korean vocabulary please go to Korean. Here is a partial list of Korean vocabulary for time.

For those not here, consult with a Korean speaker and/or an English-Korean dictionary.

Korean Vocabulary – Family Terms

Family – 가족 [ ga-jok ]

English Korean Pronunciation
Cousin 사촌 [ sa-chon ]
Daughter [ ddal ]
Father 아버지 [ a-beo-ji ]
Grandfather 할아버지 [ ha-ra-beo-ji ]
Grandmother 할머니 [ hal-meo-ni ]
Husband 남편 [ nam-pyeon ]
Maternal aunt 이모 [ i-mo ]
Maternal uncle 외삼촌 [ woe-sam-chon ]
Mother 어머니 [ eo-meo-ni ]
My wife 아내 [ a-nae ]
Older brother (of a man) [ hyeong ]
Older brother (of a woman) 오빠 [ o-bba ]
Older sister (of a man) 누나 [ nu-na ]
Older sister (of a woman) 언니 [ eon-ni ]
Paternal aunt 고모 [ go-mo ]
Paternal uncle 삼촌 [ sam-chon ]
Relatives 친척 [ chin-cheok ]
Someone’s wife 부인 [ bu-in ]
Son 아들 [ a-deul ]
Younger brother 남동생 [ nam-dong-saeng ]
Younger sister 여동생 [ yeo-dong-saeng ]

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