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Korean Language Reading Practice 6 – This is my house

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Continue from Korean Language Reading Practice 5 – What is this? Here we come to Korean Language Reading Practice 6 – This is my house. This Korean Language Reading Practice is related to Korean Informal Polite Sentence Endings, Korean Place Marker and Korean Adverbs of Place – Here/There. You may want to know Korean Vocabulary – Places. In every Korean Language Reading Practice, we will learn new Korean vocabulary and Korean expression.You must read the Korean Language Reading Practice lessons as often as you can without help from anybody in order to improve your Korean quickly.

Korean Language Reading Practice

In Korean

여기는 우리 집이에요.
여기는 제 방이에요. 저는 방에서 공부해요.
저기는 부엌이에요. 저는 부엌에서 음식을 만들어요.
저기는 마당이에요. 저는 마당에서 운동해요.

In English

This is my house.
Here is my room. I study in my room.
That is a kitchen, I prepare food in the kitchen.
Over there is a yard, I exercise in the yard.

Korean Vocabulary

  • 여기 [ yeo-gi ] – here
  • 저기 [ jeo-gi ] – there
  • 우리 [ u-ri ] – we/our
  • 집 [ jip ] – house
  • 제 [ je ] – my
  • 방 [ bang ] – room
  • 공부해요 [ gong-bu-hae-yo ] – to study
  • 부엌 [ bu-eok ] – kitchen
  • 음식 [ eum-sik ] – food/meal
  • 만들어요 [ man-deu-reo-yo ] – to make/prepare
  • 마당 [ ma-dang ] – yard
  • 운동해요 [ un-dong-hae-yo ] – to exercise

Korean Expressions

  • 여기는 우리 집이에요. [ yeo-gi-neun-u-ri-ji-bi-e-yo ] – This is my house.
  • 여기는 제 방이에요. [ yeo-gi-neun-je-bang-i-e-yo ] – Here is my room.
  • 저기는 부엌이에요. [ jeo-gi-neun-bu-eok-i-e-yo ] – That is a kitchen
  • 저기는 마당이에요. [ jeo-gi-neun-ma-dang-i-e-yo ] – Over there is a yard

Don’t forget Korean Question Word – Where – 어디 can be used with 여기, 저기, and 거기 when asking about places. We will focus more on this in the next Korean Language Reading Practice. You may be wonder why the word 우리 which means we or our use in the sentences above and the English translation is “my house”. View Have you heard the phrases our country and our house? to clear your doubts! Have you learned something from the Korean Language Reading Practice above? Continue to Korean Language Reading Practice 7 – Where are we? Korean Language Reading Practice is a short lesson. Hope you will like it. Have a nice day.

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