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Korean Language Exercises 2

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Continue from Korean Language Exercises 1, this is Korean Language Exercises of Korean Question Word – What and Korean Question Word – Which related to Korean question word 뭐 (what) and 어느 (which). Test yourself here to see whether you have understood the three Learn Korean lessons stated above. Korean is not a language that is easy to learn and use correctly and confidently. Therefore,  you must try to answer the questions without looking at the answers first. When you have learned the correct answers you should try to memories the correct sentences and use them in your speech and writing as often as you can. In this way you will help yourself to improve your Korean quickly. After this Korean Language Exercises 2, you may go through Korean Reading Practice 3 – What is your name?

Korean Language Exercises

1. Fill in the blanks with the correct Korean question words 뭐/어느/무엇.

(a) 이름이 ______예요? – What is your name?
(b) ______ 나라 사람이에요? – Which country are you from?
(c) 저것이 ______입니까? – What is that?
(d) ______ 대학교 에서 공부해요? – Which university you study at?
(e) 직업이 ______입니까? – What is your occupation?

2. Complete the dialogue below by choosing the appropriate sentence:

안녕하세요?/ 안녕히 가세요./ 여행사 직원이에요./ 밤갑습니다./ 이름이 뭐예요?/ 어느 나라 사람이에요?/ 직업이 뭐예요?

시원 : 안녕하세요?
규현 : 안녕하세요? (a) __________
시원 : 저는 최시원이에요. 이름이 뭐예요?
규현 : 저는 규현이에요. (b) _________
시원 : 한국 사람이에요.
규현 : (c) __________
시원 : 가수 예요. 규현 씨는 직업이 뭐예요?
규현 : 저는 (d) __________. 밤갑습니다.
시원 : (e) __________

3. Translates the interrogative sentence (question) below into Korean.

(a) Which company you work at?
(b) What is this?
(c) What is your occupation?
(d) Which school are you from?
(e) What is your name?

Answer :

1. (a) 뭐, (b) 어느, (c) 무엇, (d) 어느, (e) 무엇
2. (a) 이름이 뭐예요? (b) 어느 나라 사람이에요? (c) 직업이 뭐예요? (d) 여행사 직원이에요. (e) 밤갑습니다.
3. (a) 어느 회사 에서 일해요? (b) 이게 뭐예요? (c) 직업이 뭐예요? (d) 어느 학교 학생이에요? (e) 이름미 뭐예요?

Continue to Korean Language Exercises 3.

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