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The Korean Alphabet is call Hangeul ( 한글) . Han (한) in Korean means ‘One, Large or Best’, Geul (글) in Korean means character. First step to learn Hangeul is to learn how to read and write in Korean. Hangeul consist of both Korean vowels and Korean consonants, and these consonants and vowels are put together in a unique way when writing.

Study Korean Alphabet is a very easy matter as it is known as the world easiest alphabet to study. Chinese alphabets (一 丨丿) or European language Latin alphabets (ABCD) are much more difficult to understand. Let’s learn Korean together in Emagasia.

Korean Alphabet ( Hangeul )


The semblance looks like the symbols, was created in the 15th century, without any scientific help, under King Sejong’s reign during the Joseon Dynasty (1393-1910). The original name of the Korean alphabet was Hun-min-jeong-eum, which literally meant “the correct sounds for the instruction of the people.”

Before Hangeul, Chinese characters were used by Koreans. At that time they just had a spoken language but no written words. Most of the South Korean names come from Chinese. These Chinese words may use the Chinese characters to write, but because each Chinese character’s pronunciation may also use Korean alphabets to pronounce, therefore, the Chinese characters were gradually replaced by the Korean characters.

However, North Korea is dissimilar with South Korea. The use of Chinese character was abolished after the Korean War. In here, you will know how to pronounce and write those consonants and vowels. Learn Korean step by step in an interesting way. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start our journey into Korean and learn Hangeul from today! If you have anything that you don’t understand, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment =)

You must first understand the rules in Korean Language. So, let’s start from reading the Comparison of Korean and English to understand the differences between English and Korean and How are English words pronounced in Korean since we will be learning Korean using English. After that, go to our Learn Korean Lessons.

  • Korean Language Exercises. Korean Language Exercises is the exercises and revision of Learn Korean Lessons we learn above. Please make sure you go through the Korean Language Exercises as it goes more in depth which may strengthen you Korean foundation. In each Korean revision, quiz yourself with Korean exercises!
  • Korean Language Reading Practice. Besides of Korean language exercises and revision, here we started our Korean Language Reading Practice lessons in order to improve your Korean pronunciation hence improve your Korean reading skills. This Korean reading lesson is specially for you!
  • Korean Vocabulary. To learn Korean, it is vital for you to know and memories the Korean vocabulary. You know, without knowing the vocabulary, it’s very hard for you to form a Korean sentences. So, please make sure you memories as much as Korean vocabulary you can in order to strengthen your ability to speak and learn Korean.
  • Korean Culture. Besides of Korean language, now, we will learn Korean culture too such as greetings in Korea, and clear all your doubts about Korean culture. For example, when meeting a Korean For the first time, what should we call him or her?
  • Korean Cuisine. For the Korean types of foods as well as the making recipes.

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