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Comparison of Korean and English

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Do you know what’s the different between Korean and English? If you want to Learn Korean, you must first know and understand the differences between Korean and English. Let’s take a minute to examine some of the main differences between Korean and English in Asiamedia for Korean, Japanese and Thai.

Comparison of Korean and English

First, when form a Korean sentences, Korean verb comes last, what does this mean? Unlike English, in Korean the verb always appears last in the sentences. So the order of the sentence is usually: subject, object, verb.

  • 브루스 (Bruce) 영화 (movies) 봐요 (watch).

Secondly, Korean has markers, either subject marker or object marker. Besides that, although the verb is always last, the order of the other parts of the sentence is not very strict in Korean. That is because, unlike English, Korean has markers which define what role different words play in a sentence (subject, object, etc).

  • 브루스 (Bruce) 영화 (movies) 봐요 (watch).
  • 가 – subject marker
  • 을 – object marker

Lastly, Korean order of questions and answer are the same, this is the easiest part in learning Korean. The sentence structure of Korean order of questions and its answer are the same. Think of questions and answers such as: Who is she? and She is Jane. In English, questions and answers has different structures. Verbs, subjects, and objects move around depending on the context. But, in Korean, the only difference between questions and answer is questions are always end with a rising tone and declarative sentences end with a slightly falling tone.

When answering a question, simply replace the question word (which, where, when, who what, how) with your answer, with yes/no questions, the question and answer can be exactly the same. Go through Korean Reading Practice 2 – Yes or No to learn the pronunciation of Korean questions and answer.

Comparison of Korean and English

Comparison of Korean and English

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