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Korean Combined Vowels

Continue our Learn Korean lessons, in Learn Korean Lesson 1 – Consonants and Vowels, you know that there are 10 basic Korean vowels and 11 Korean combined vowels. You have learn the 10 basic vowels in Korean Vowels. Have you memories all of them? Now, continue our Korean Vowels lessons, in this lesson you will learn the Korean combined vowels and diphthongs formed from the basic vowels in previous Korean vowels lesson.
Korean Combined Vowels

About vertical vowels in which the initial consonant is places to the left (as in 아). About …

Korean vowels »

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Korean Vowels

We have seen Korean vowels and Korean consonants in Learn Korean Lesson 1 – Consonants and Vowels. Korean vowels can be pronounced by itself or in combination with a consonant, but Korean vowels cannot stand alone as a syllable. Let’s Learn 10 Korean basic vowels today. In this Learn Korean – Korean vowels lesson, we will learn how to pronounce and the sequence in writing Korean alphabets.
Korean Vowel

Korean Monophthong Pronunciation 단모음 발음 [ dan-mo-eum-ba-reum ]

ㅏ [ a ] – as in pasta
아가씨 [ a-ga-ssi ] – Ms
가방 …

Korean language »

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How are English words pronounced in Korean?

Besides of Comparison of Korean and English we have seen previously, do you know how are English words pronounced in Korean? It is crucial to know the rules before you started in learning Korean language. You may be more understand of the articles below if you follow my Learn Korean lessons. Please make sure you go through all the lessons in Emagasia. Have a nice day.
How are English words pronounced in Korean?

One general rule of pronouncing Korean is that each consonant needs a vowel to be pronounced and made into a …

Korean language »

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Comparison of Korean and English

Do you know what’s the different between Korean and English? If you want to Learn Korean, you must first know and understand the differences between Korean and English. Let’s take a minute to examine some of the main differences between Korean and English in Asiamedia for Korean, Japanese and Thai.
Comparison of Korean and English

First, when form a Korean sentences, Korean verb comes last, what does this mean? Unlike English, in Korean the verb always appears last in the sentences. So the order of the sentence is usually: subject, object, verb.

브루스 …

Travel to Korea »

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South Korea

South Korea is an East Asian Country which located at the Korean Peninsula south half. Area is about 99,000 square kilometers.
The population approximately 44,600,000 in year 2003 and basically are the sole Korean National Minority. In Capital Seoul the population is approximately 11,000,000, is the Asian fourth and world ninth big city.
South Korea’s topography, it’s northeast high, southwest low. The hill mountainous region and the plain probably respectively occupy half, is the warm temperate zone monsoon climate and the precipitation is rich
The major river in South Korea is Han River. …

Korean cuisine »

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Korean Cuisine: Kimchi

Kimchi was conceived in Korea around the 7th century. Many years ago, Kimchi was merely regarded as a salted vegetable. Yet, throughout the 12th century, with the addition of several spices and seasonings, it grew steadily in popularity. It wasn’t until the 18th century that hot red pepper was finally used as one of the major ingredients for making Kimchi. In fact, the very same Kimchi as we know it today has retained the same qualities and cooking preparations that prevailed ever since it was first introduced. Now, You can …

Korean language »

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The Korean Alphabet is call Hangeul ( 한글) . Han (한) in Korean means ‘One, Large or Best’, Geul (글) in Korean means character. First step to learn Hangeul is to learn how to read and write in Korean. Hangeul consist of both Korean vowels and Korean consonants, and these consonants and vowels are put together in a unique way when writing.
Study Korean Alphabet is a very easy matter as it is known as the world easiest alphabet to study. Chinese alphabets (一 丨丿) or European language Latin alphabets (ABCD) …

Korean vocabulary »

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Korean Vocabulary List

Korean Vocabulary #1: List of Countries A-Z 나라
Korean Vocabulary #2: List of Fruits 과일
Korean Vocabulary #3: List of Ingredients 재료
Korean Vocabulary #4: List of Vegetables 야채
Korean Vocabulary #5: Points of the Compass 방위
Korean Vocabulary #6: List of Colors 색깔
Korean Vocabulary #7: Love 연애
Korean Vocabulary #8: List of Flowers 꽃