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[29 Apr 2009 | No Comment | 6,094 views]
Korean Pop Stars: Super Junior Fino commercial set

Thai pop stars Golf Mike and Korean pop stars Super Junior was invited to become spokeman for Yamaha latest commercial, Yamaha Fino in year 2008 under Thai Yamaha Motor Company. Their videos below very lively and interesting which you can see Super Junior, Korean famous Boy Band speak Thai !!! so what are you waiting for ?? you can watch them on Youtube or download all in zip ( mediafire ).
Super Junior Fino commercial set
However, Super Junior members Kibum and Yesung was absent. Only Leeteuk (the leader), Heechul, Han Geng, …

Korean drama »

[28 Apr 2009 | No Comment | 53,428 views]
Korean Drama: You are my destiny

You are my destiny Korean drama was broadcast on year 2008 and the main actress ImYoona is one of the member of Girls Generation. ImYoona will be playing the role of an tough happy go lucky orphan ” Jang Saebyuk (Dawn) ” who receive an eye cornea donation from a dead same-age girl “Kim Nayoung” after she lost her sight due to an accident. Her fate became entwined with the dead girl’s family who slowly accept her as a part of their family as time goes by. Park Jaejung will …

Girls Generation »

[28 Apr 2009 | No Comment | 110,548 views]
Korean Pop Stars: Girls Generation

Korean Girls Generation in Hangeul is 소녀시대 ( So Nyeo Shi Dae) or in Chinese is refer as 少女時代, is a group form by 9 Korean Girls debut under SM Entertainment on July 19, 2007, Girls Generation became the first girl group to sell more than 100,000 copies of their album in South Korea since 2002, their songs are really nice and is one of my favourite Korean girl groups.

Girls Generation Profile

Taeyeon – 태연 ( 泰姸 )
Real Name : Kim Taeyeon 김태연 ( 金泰姸 )
Date Of Birth : 09/03/1989
Position : …

Korean drama »

[28 Apr 2009 | No Comment | 146,220 views]
Korean Drama: Boys Over Flowers

Korean drama Boys Over Flowers is currently airing, this is the Korean Version of Hana Yori Dango, a famous Japanese comic. When Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango 花より男子 which was Taiwan version and Japanese version was released was released throughout East Asia, it was well received in the entire region.
Boys Over Flowers

Title : 꽃보다 남자 ( Korean Version )
Also known as : Boys Before Flowers / Boys Over Flowers / Meteor Garden ( Taiwan Version ) / Hana Yori Dango ( Japanese Version )
Chinese Name : 花样男子
Genre : Comedy, …

BoA »

[25 Apr 2009 | No Comment | 9,506 views]
Korean Pop Stars: BoA

BoA is a Korean artist under SM Entertainment in Korea, she was the Korean Famous Boy Band Super Junior’s senior. Few months ago, BoA made her US debut with the digital single “Eat You Up,” garnering a positive response from the online community.
At 3 a.m on 22 October 2008, “Eat You Up” ranked third on the iTunes chart for Top Dance Songs tenth on Amazon’s “Hot New Release in MP3 Downloads” and 21st on their Today’s Top MP3 Songs chart. Consumers gave “Eat You Up” a five-star review on …

Korean drama »

[25 Apr 2009 | No Comment | 27,114 views]
Korean Drama: Beethoven Virus

Beethoven Virus is a Korean drama about two musicians who retired from their musical careers for different reasons join together with a demanding and difficult genius conductor to form an orchestra against all odds. Although it requires a lot of hard work to form their orchestra, they keep chasing their dreams of doing what they love the most in the world and this gives them great satisfaction.
Three young and old people with different personalities and life experiences gather together under a common dream and they find love and the room …

Korean drama »

[24 Apr 2009 | No Comment | 11,300 views]
Korean Drama: Snow Queen

Snow Queen is an old Korean drama which i feel like posting here cause it is really nice to watch, the main actor Hyun Bin as Han Tae Woong/Han Deuk Gu is the same actor in the Korean drama – My lovely Sam Soon and the Korean movie – A millionaire’s first love.
Remember, one way to learn or improve your Korean is to watch Korean drama !!! in here, you will find the drama with English subtitles or with Chinese subtitles, just download whichever that you feel comfortable.
Snow Queen
Title : …

Korean drama »

[23 Apr 2009 | No Comment | 11,259 views]
Korean Drama: Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow is an old Korean drama also but i feel like posting here cause it is really nice to watch, remember, one way to improve your Korean is to watch Korean drama !!! in here, you will find the drama with English subtitles or with Chinese subtitles, just download whichever that you feel comfortable.
Over The Rainbow
Title : 오버 더 레인보우
English Title : Over The Rainbow
Chinese Title : 跨越彩虹
Episodes : 16
Broadcast network : MBC
Broadcast period : 26/07/2006 to 14/09/2006
Ji Hyun Woo (지현우) as Kwon Hyeok-ju
Seo Ji Hye (서지혜) as …

Vanhaja »

[22 Apr 2009 | No Comment | 4,543 views]
Korean Pop Stars: Vanhaja

Vanhaja is a new Korean group which debut on the 17th of December on Park Sae Min’s radio. FM 90.7MHz. This group form by four boys and one girl and they are a dance group, their songs are fit towards the music scene now but they can also sing trot (basically are diverse). One of the member is Super Junior Ryeo Wook’s cousin – Kim Jung Wook.

Vanhaja – The First Single Album Come Back
Artist : Vanhaja
Title : Comeback
Type : Digital Single
Release Date : 2008/12/11
Genre : kpop / dance / …

Korean movies »

[19 Apr 2009 | No Comment | 15,417 views]
Korean Movies: A Millionaire’s First Love

A Millionaire’s First Love is a Korean movie which released on year 2006, however, i feel like posting here, it’s really a nice movie that worth to watch it again and again. The main actor Hyun Bin is the same actor in the My lovely Sam Soon as well as Snow Queen.
A Millionaire’s First Love
Title : 백만장자의 첫사랑 / Baekmanjangja-ui cheot-sarang
Also known as : A Millionaire’s First Love
Genre : Romance

Hyun Bin starred as Kang Jae-Kyung
Lee Yeon Hee starred as Choi Eun-Whan

Synopsis of A Millionaire’s First Love

Kang Jae-kyung (Hyun Bin) is …