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Learn Korean Words

Is there any website to learn korean words? YES >> http://www.learnkoreanwords.com
Easy to Learn Korean Words and Phrases – given in Korean alphabet (Hangul), Romanization and English. Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation are undoubtedly very important in learning Korean language. Stop by this site every now and then to knock out plenty of useful materials along the way.

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Korean culture, arts and heritage »

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Why is it Koreans say 괜찮아요 so much

During the course of a day in Korea you will probably hear the phase 괜찮아요 many times. Whether you are asking about the weather or someone’s mood, the typical response will probably be 괜찮아요. Korean culture associates strong negatives with bad manners. Rather that speaking clearly and frankly about thoughts and feeling, etiquette requires responses like 괜찮아요 (ok) or 별로예요 (not particularly good).
Why is it Koreans say 괜찮아요 so much?
The expression 괜찮아요 thus occurs in many kinds of situations, with many different meanings. Not only a polite substitute for when …

Korean cuisine »

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Korean Seaweed Soup

Korean seaweed soup ( 미역국 ) is a definitely healthy and delicious way to incorporate seaweed into your diet. Traditionally, Koreans would serve this on birthdays and after giving birth. They say that the seaweed helps the new mother to heal. You may wonder what foods Koreans eat on special days?
Korean Seaweed Soup
Seaweed soup has about 40 kinds of minerals, DHA, vitamins, iodine and other nutrients. It has 200 times more calcium than rice, 25 times more than spinach and 13 times more than milk. Seaweed soup is known to …

Korean culture, arts and heritage »

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Korean Culture: Do you know how to indicate respect using your hands?

You may have noticed that body language differs according to culture. In Korea, people bow a lot – for instance, when greeting someone with “안녕하세요?” Korean people bow their heads a bit to indicate respect, this is one of the Korean culture. But did you know there are also ways in which you may indicate respect using your hands?
Do you know how to indicate respect using your hands?
When giving or taking something from a stranger, someone older, someone higher status, or someone with whom you have a formal relationship ( …

Korean vocabulary »

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Korean Vocabulary – Food and Drinks

We have learned Korean Vocabulary – Sports. Let’s learn Korean vocabulary for food and drinks. Use Korean Requests, Suggestions, or Commands to make requests, suggestions, or commands in a polite manner. Learning this will make your future experiences (perhaps in Korea) more enjoyable! Such as ordering food or drinks in a Korean restaurant! Here is just a partial list of Korean vocabulary for food and drinks. For those not here, consult with a Korean speaker and/or an English-Korean dictionary…

Useful Korean Phrases and Expressions »

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Useful Korean Phrases and Expressions: At the Restaurant

We have learned Korean Basic Conversation and now let’s learn some useful Korean phrases and expressions: At the Restaurant. We speak and talk everyday, so it is important for us to memories some normal and easy phrases or expression in order to communicate while you are learning Korean. Hence, the summarize of some Korean formula and expressions may help to improve your Korean language skills. You should try to memories the sentences and use them in your speech and writing as often as you can…